Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Teaching in the City of Huancayo

Stan was recently in Huancayo to teach a modular course on counseling.  It was a great week and the students showed great interest to learn more of God's Word.

Part of the group who attended the modular course.

One lady who came is a psychiatrist.  She was soaking up the Word to apply God's principles over human reasoning.  Several pastors also attened.

Pastor Pedro and his wife, Iris.  A godly couple who attended the modular.

While there, Stan stayed in the home our missionary Samuel and Fiorela Vega.  There are a great couple and are just getting started in a new church plant.
Missionary Samuel Vega, wife Fiorela and daughter Tirsa.

Our church in Lima just took them on as our missionaries.  They are our second missionary family that we have begun to support on a monthly basis.

This is Tirsa, Samuel and Fiorela's daughter.

The Vegas have rented a school and hold services there.  They are beginning from scatch.

The school they have rented for services.

Josué Lara is a recent graduate of the Seminary in Trujillo.  He has a vision to begin a new seminary in the Huancayo valley.  I taught Josué´s father, José.  He and his father work as a team starting a church in a very idolatrous town called Concepción.
 Josué Lara

 It was a great week ministering in Huancayo.  It is our prayer that the work will grow in this city and in the surrounding areas.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Granddaughter

The Lord recently blessed our family once again with the arrival of little Alina to Jonathan and Lorena Templeton.  She was born on August 29.
Lorena and Alina are both doing well.

Just hours old.

She is soooo tiny!

The whole family.  Jon and Lorena serve as missionaries in Spain.  This is their second child and our ninth grand child.

Mom shows Norah her new baby sister.  This will be a big change for Norah.  She has been practicing being big sister with her dolls.

Kent and Belén Albright (Lorena's parents) are also missionaries in Spain where Jon and Lorena also serve.  They took care of Norah while Lorena was in labor.  We praise the Lord they were there to help.
Here is Granpa Kent with Norah having lots of fun.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Calvary Baptist Church - Lansdale, PA Visits Peru

In August, our sending church sent a team of 20 to help us with the remodeling of the staff house.

 Julie was a hard worker with the jack hammar.

The work was hard!  Jarrod shows how it is done while Jennifer enjoys wathing.  We don't think we have seen a happier group.

 Tyler fills a bag with rocks and dirt.  Etel, our associate pastor's wife is holding the bag.  She was one of the carriers.

 Andie was one of our many of our dump trucks.  They must have hauled off tons of rock and dirt.  All with a big smile and a servant heart.

Bill Hulshizer and John Yowell worked with Sam Deninna and Wilfredo on the plumbling and water lines replacing the old system in the house.

They hauled rocks, dirt, sand, and gravel, put the new cistern in place, and dug some deep footers.

 They made a lot of new friends.  

 They squeezed in a soccer game in the middle of the week with Peruvian believers - both the guys and the gals played on two separate fields.

 At the end of the week, it was time to snap some pictures and head off to do some sightseeing.  They went on a boat ride around an island in the Pacific Ocean and then hiked up a mountain.  They also tried new Peruvian foods such as raw fish. 

Riley feeds pelicans some fresh fish.

 They went to a beautiful water fountain park in the night.

 They made everything fun wherever they went and whatever they did! 

At the churches they visited, they gave out candy to the people.  This was a big hit. 

 They sang a special in the chuch service.

 Our church is packed on Sunday.

 We have no place to put more people.

  Pastor Troy preaches as Stan interrupts (interprets).

On the last day of the trip, Konrad (pictured) got sick.  He had to wait 3 more days before he was well enough to travel.  John Yowell stayed behind to fly back with him.  John was a big help during those days.  Konrad is better.  We continue to pray for his health.  What a godly young man he is.

They were such a blessing to us!  We miss all of you so much!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teacher Training City-Wide Conference

We recently held a city-wide teacher training conference.  We rented an auditorium in the city.  Two weeks before the event, we had to begin declining people who wanted to attend due to limited space.
The auditorium could only hold about a about 317 people seated.  It was great to see the auditorium packed, but we were saddened to have to turn away about 200 people.

It was an all day event.  At mid-day break, we served a meal.
Due to a lack of space, the people had to find any place they could to eat.  Some ate on the steps leading to the floor below.

Our main speaker was Bruce Burkholder, the director of EBI in Sebring, Florida.  EBI (Editorial Bautista Independiente) prints attractive Sunday School literature with sound doctrine in Spanish.

Gary and Penny Whipple were the first ones we wanted to invite for the conference.  They are good at teacher training.  
Gary and Penny were the distributors for EBI literature in Peru for many years and did a great job. When the radio ministry began in Lima, we made a coordinated transition to move the distributorshihp over to the hands of the radio ministry since it has the advantage of a greater outreach and exposure.

On the day of the conference we offered Sunday School literature at discount prices to all those who attended.
During the breaks, the tables of literatre were smothered.

The interest was high for good Sunday School materials that are hard to find in Peru.

We praise the Lord for EBI and all those who work in this ministry.  Many teachers went home very happy with materials in their hands to help them teach God's Word more effectively.

Bro. Burkholder also brought a video crew to interview people and film snatches of the conference and the city of Lima.  They filmed all they could in three days.  Their goal is to produce a quality video that will help promote EBI in the production of quality Sunday School literature in Spanish at the lowest possible price. We cannot speak highly enough of this great ministry that is doing a marvelous job.

A total of about 40 volunteers from our church came and served at the conference.
We were so pleased with their service for the Lord.

They worked hard and enjoyed serving those who attended.

We also made a nice certificate for each atendee at the confernce.
  Edward Zacarías presents a certificate to a lady who attended the conference.

Ruth helped prepared the certificates.  She was also our photographer for the event.  She is a hard worker!  Cindy Castillo (left) is a missionary to Mexico City and also came to help.  She was a special blessing in translating for the film crew and preparing interviews.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Church Anniversary Celabrating Three Years

On Sunday, July 6, we celebrated the day the church began as a new work.

Three years ago we had our first service.  The Lord has brought us a long way.

 He has done a mighty work in many hearts.  Friendships are made and bonded in Christ.

We served cake and soft drink for the occasion.

Mario serving others.  He was a pastor for over 12 years.  He started attending our church and got saved.  His joy is contagious and he is one big blessing.

 The decorative center piece was made and donated by several ladies whose heart had a mind for the work of the Lord.

Serving Christ in His church is one exciting place to be.

 Ruth and Sonia. Sonia is praying for her father and brother's salvation.  Many are the only ones in their family who are saved.  The Lord is building His church.