Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teacher Training City-Wide Conference

We recently held a city-wide teacher training conference.  We rented an auditorium in the city.  Two weeks before the event, we had to begin declining people who wanted to attend due to limited space.
The auditorium could only hold about a about 317 people seated.  It was great to see the auditorium packed, but we were saddened to have to turn away about 200 people.

It was an all day event.  At mid-day break, we served a meal.
Due to a lack of space, the people had to find any place they could to eat.  Some ate on the steps leading to the floor below.

Our main speaker was Bruce Burkholder, the director of EBI in Sebring, Florida.  EBI (Editorial Bautista Independiente) prints attractive Sunday School literature with sound doctrine in Spanish.

Gary and Penny Whipple were the first ones we wanted to invite for the conference.  They are good at teacher training.  
Gary and Penny were the distributors for EBI literature in Peru for many years and did a great job. When the radio ministry began in Lima, we made a coordinated transition to move the distributorshihp over to the hands of the radio ministry since it has the advantage of a greater outreach and exposure.

On the day of the conference we offered Sunday School literature at discount prices to all those who attended.
During the breaks, the tables of literatre were smothered.

The interest was high for good Sunday School materials that are hard to find in Peru.

We praise the Lord for EBI and all those who work in this ministry.  Many teachers went home very happy with materials in their hands to help them teach God's Word more effectively.

Bro. Burkholder also brought a video crew to interview people and film snatches of the conference and the city of Lima.  They filmed all they could in three days.  Their goal is to produce a quality video that will help promote EBI in the production of quality Sunday School literature in Spanish at the lowest possible price. We cannot speak highly enough of this great ministry that is doing a marvelous job.

A total of about 40 volunteers from our church came and served at the conference.
We were so pleased with their service for the Lord.

They worked hard and enjoyed serving those who attended.

We also made a nice certificate for each atendee at the confernce.
  Edward Zacarías presents a certificate to a lady who attended the conference.

Ruth helped prepared the certificates.  She was also our photographer for the event.  She is a hard worker!  Cindy Castillo (left) is a missionary to Mexico City and also came to help.  She was a special blessing in translating for the film crew and preparing interviews.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Church Anniversary Celabrating Three Years

On Sunday, July 6, we celebrated the day the church began as a new work.

Three years ago we had our first service.  The Lord has brought us a long way.

 He has done a mighty work in many hearts.  Friendships are made and bonded in Christ.

We served cake and soft drink for the occasion.

Mario serving others.  He was a pastor for over 12 years.  He started attending our church and got saved.  His joy is contagious and he is one big blessing.

 The decorative center piece was made and donated by several ladies whose heart had a mind for the work of the Lord.

Serving Christ in His church is one exciting place to be.

 Ruth and Sonia. Sonia is praying for her father and brother's salvation.  Many are the only ones in their family who are saved.  The Lord is building His church.

New Church Is Officially Established

On July 3, we officially and formally organized our church in Lima.  This is the incorporation process.  A lot of hard work, sweat, tears, prayer, giving and evangelization and training by so many to get to this point.  Most of all, it takes the working of the Holy Spirit in lives of men and women.

We approved our church constitution, articles of faith, and church covenant.

After approving these documents, each person came forward to sign the church covanant.  This is Freddy, his wife, Ivon, and their daughter, Zoila.  Their son and youngest daughter also joined, but are not in the picture.

It was a day of rejoicing.

Our deacon, Ricardo, and his wife, Nancy sign the church coverant.

We had four lines of members signing.

It tooks us 3 years to the day to reach this milestone.

We had a beautiful bronze pin made with the church's name and logo.

Each member received his or her own person church founder pin.  It is theirs to keep.

It is bronze and looks attractive when worn with any color of clothing.  While all members receive one, only members who were present at the foundation meeting received a charter member pin.  They will be treasured for years to come.

 Ruth receives her founders' medal of honor.

The members placed the pin on another in their first act of serving one another as a family in Christ.

 We also elected our church officials.  From left to right: Ricard (deacon), Cesar (treasurer), Stan (senior pastor), Eduardo (assistant treasurer), Edward (assistant pastor), Julio (assistant secretary), Pool (youth pastor and secretary).

  We began with 61 founding members.  They will forever be known as the charter members of the church.  In this picture are most of the ladies.

  In this picture are most of the men.   There were a total of 60 founding members.

 Since that day, we have added 14 more who could not be at the meeting the Thursday night the church organization took place.  We now have a total of 74 members.  More will soon be added and another baptismal service will also soon take place.

After the pinnning cerimony, we closed in prayer and went to a chinese restaurant to celebrate!

The time of rejoicing just made the food taste all that much better. 

How good and pleasant it is for brethern to dwell together in unity!  Psalm 133:1

The church surprised me with a birthday cake.  I turned 60 the day before.

 They gave me a beautiful shirt and matching tie.  They are so kind to Ruth and me.  (Did you notice the pin?)

And we got lots of good pictures.  Pastor Edward takes another.

This precious time will link on in our hearts and minds for a long time to come.  This is Leonardo and Laura.  They have plans to get engaged soon.  Both love the Lord and are a real testimony of how young people should walk in holiness.  They are fruit that abound to your account.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baptismal Service

Baptismal services are a time of rejoicing for our church.  We love seeing new people come to Christ.  It brings excitement to the entire congregation.

On June 29, four more of our believers followed the Lord in believer's baptism.

Kelita has such a sweet spirit.

Andres is the son of our church treasurer.

From left to right: Vicky, Elvira, Cristian, Edwardo.  Eduardo y Vicky taught Elivera and her son, Cristian their course on baptism.  We teach our new believers the importance and meaning of baptism beforehand.  We want them to know why they do what they do and make their decisions with convictions based on the Word of God.  It is our desire that they learn to follow the Bible and not just what a leader says.

This was the eighth time our church has had a baptismal service.  From left to right in front row: Kelita, Elvira, Andres and Cristian.  From left to right in back row: Pastor Pool, Stan, Pastor Edward.

Jesus brings true joy to the heart!

When Elvira began attending our church, she thought she was a Christian.  She soon found Christ after many careful presentations of the gospel.

Kelita was led to Christ by Pastor Pool and his wife, Etelvina.

Every time I baptize someone, I wonder what Christ will do in and though that new believer.  Andres is making many important and wise decisions in his life.  It is our prayer that he will follow Christ for the rest of his life.