Wednesday, March 12, 2014

13 Are Baptized

March 9 was a victorious day for us.
Thirteen people followed the Lord in believer's baptism

Martha began attending our church believing she had eternal.  When we explained that salvation is only by faith in Christ and not by our own good works, she realized she had never been saved.  She was converted and now prays for her husband to know Christ.  Her husband (Alfredo - pictured by her side) has begun attending our services and was genuinely happy for Martha on the day she was baptized.

This entire family was recently saved.  Ricardo (the father) was a deacon for year in a Pentecostal church, but had never been saved.

When Mario and Irma (father and oldest daughter pictured in red robes) were saved, it completed a family in Christ.

Mario and I have become great friends.  He was a preacher for years, but did not have salvation.  He is one happy Christian and it shows.

Martha was thrilled to follow Christ and identifly with him.  

Olenka is slowly growing in Christ.  She and her mother were saved and baptized together.

Eduardo is a true joy to my heart.  His wife is Vicky (far left).  She prayed for over 25 years for her husband to be saved.  Edwardo is on fire for Christ.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Annual Radio Promotion

We do not sell radio time to businesses to fund the radio ministry. There are no commericials.  All transmission time (24 hours a day) is given to giving out the Word of God.  This is done by Scripture reading, teaching, preaching, and Christian music.  What sustains the ministry is free will offerings by radio listeners.  The daily maintenance of the ministry is now 100% supported by offerings from God's people and not from our supporting churches.

"Misión Integridad" is a yearly event we hold to promote the radio and encourage people to pray and give to the ministry.
People give offerings and also donate things that we offer to others.

The proceeds from the sale of those things that are donated go to the radio ministry.  People really enjoy this way of giving.

We had many workers from our church and others that came to help us.  It is exciting and a great time of fellowship.

Our volunteers wore special colored tops to identify them as radio helpers.  It was great to see them serve the Lord in this way.  The young lady on the right in this picture is a new convert.  Her name is Lisett.

Here are two young boys helping.

During these two days we broadcast live at a makeshift studio and interview people who share how the Word of God has changed their lives.  Many share how they came to Christ.

This is my assistant pastor, Edward Zacarías.  He makes the radio ministry possible.  He is one talented and dedicated man.

We have three other pastors who help us with the broadcasting during these two days.  These three pastors also help us with counseling at the office for those who seek help.

Javier Huamán is one of the three pastors who help us.  He also pastors the church at our radio plant.

The man standing beside me attends our church.  He is a carpenter and made this dining room set to sell for the radio ministry.

Mission Integrity is an unforgetable and precious time.  Talking in an empty room in front of a microphone is not very inspiring, but it is such joy meeting our listeners.

They come from all over Lima.

This was one of our very young shopper listerners.  She is checking out the high heels.

Pastor Edward fellowships with long time friends from Trujillo who now live in Lima.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ruth's Special Ministry

Katie is from the U.S., and she and her husband have a deep love for the Lord.  Their family attends our church.  About once a week, Ruth visits Katie and her two children to be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Often Ruth buys them lunch.  She spends time with the children and takes them to a park to play.  Benjamin is on the left and Grace is on Ruth's lap.

 Katie is a great mother and teaches her children to fear the Lord.

Ruth has such a servant heart.  She gives to others freely.

This special ministry has develped into a wonderful friendship for both Katie and Ruth as each encouarges the other in the Lord.  It is important to serve others.  One of the benefits is that you make good friends that can last a lifetime.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

City- wide Conference Sponsored by the Radio Ministry

In the month of Novemer we held a three day conference in a rented auditorium in the city.  The subject was "The Supremacy of Christ Over Sex".  Each night of the conference ran two and a half hours.
The purpose was to raise our level of holiness in the area of sexuality. This is an urgent and serious need in the lives of many believers so we are trying to address the issue.  Frankly, I have heard many messages on the topic which produced a lot laughter, but little holiness.  We aimed for the opposite believing sex is sacred and should be handled accordingly.

Hours and hours of preparation and hard work are never seen.  Our associate pastor, Edward, did a great job organizing the event.

We charged a small fee to cover the cost of the auditorium, materials, refreshments and other expenses.  Two days before the event, there was no more vacancy and we had to turn people away.  The auditorium only held approximately 290 people.

We had a great team of volunteers from our church helping.

They worked hard and had a lot of fun serving.  Not all our helpers are in this picture.

Interest was high and the Word helped a lot of people.  The Bible is so practical.  God is a great author.  But he doesn't need our approval or recommendation!

There was a lot of interest in our materials that we provide from the radio ministry.

Afterward, we were bombarded with questions and people who desired counsel.  At the radio office, we offer counseling and three pastors from other sister churches help us with the counseling.

It is our prayer that the teaching made the appropriate impact for the glory of Christ.  We plan to have more conferences over important topics and specific sections of the Scripture.

New Couple Joining our Staff

We invited Pool y Etel to come to Lima for a visit and consider joining us in our ministry.  After visiting us, receiving counsel from their pastor and other pastors, they have accepted our invitation.

Both Pool and Etel are graduates of our Seminary in Trujillo.

Pool preached in both of our churches; the one at the radio plant and also in Lima.

He also taught the teens Sunday School class.

One day they went to the radio office to see that aspect of the ministry.  They met Mayra, our secretary.

Etel is from Ecuador.  They are a sweet couple who have been married less than a year.  We are looking forward to their arrival later this year.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Eight Baptized

On Sunday, September 22, eight people were baptized.
Three are from our new church at the radio plant where the tower is located.  The other five are from our church in Lima.

Joy overflowed from the hearts of those who followed Christ in this important step.  This is Giovanna and some of her family members.

Lina with a family in our church.  Lina comes alone to our services.  Support from our church family means a lot to the new converts.

This gentleman is one of our taxi drivers.  We have several taxi drivers in our church and like, Marco Antonio in the picture, they hear about us through the radio.

Daniel is a very young man who lives with his mother up on the mountain side near the radio plant.  They began attending our church while we were still ministering at the rural church.

Ruth and I were thrilled to see Daniel baptized.  We wonder what the Lord will do through his life.

There was great joy the night so many were baptized.  It was excitiing!

Luz was our first convert since coming to Lima.  After trusting Christ, she has never looked back.

This is the group that came all the way from the church at the radio plant to see three of their believers baptized.  Marco Antonio was also baptized and is in the picture.

Three were baptized from the church that meets at the radio plant.  Missionary Carl Hodsdon (far right) also helps at the church.

New Classrooms for Our Rural Church

Jorge Ávila is our caretaker at the radio plant.  He has been busy making two new classrooms for the children who attend Sunday School at the church that meets on the property.
Jorge stands at the entrance for the two side by side classrooms.  They are still unfinished.

This is an side view of the classroom.

The classrooms serve a great purpose and Jorge has done a fine job.

  Notice the saw to the right in this picture.  It was donated to the our ministry by some men who attend Valley Forge Baptist Temple in Collegeville, PA.  The tool has been a constant blessing and so helpful.

Javier Huamán is the pastor of the church.  Javier and his wife, Rosa were students of Stan when he taught in Trujillo.
This picture was taken at their son, Isaí's baptism.  The young lady in the middle was also baptized on the same day.  Our church in Lima supports this ministry.  Rosa is expecting their fourth child.